Narozari Parish



Our Lady of Rosary –Narozari Catholic Parish in Masaka Diocese of Uganda was established in 1908 by Missionary of Africa (white Fathers) it has got 20 out stations (sub-parishes). It is located in rural area of Masaka District.


The pastoral and evangelization work in the parish is managed by 4 priests, 4 religious Brothers, 4 religious Nuns and 20 catechists. The major economic activities of the area are subsistence agriculture characterized by low food production and income. The majority of the people earn less than a dollar per day. This area has got few people with a very Low income due to illiteracy in the Parish since  the District was hit by HIV/AIDS where most people died. This affected the productive man power in families, low family incomes and increase of  orphans and widows resulting in poverty circle Situations.


This parish has 20 sub-parishes /out-stations, 52 schools. It has population of over 50,000. The population is up to 30,000 Catholics only. 


 Currently the Church house for our parish is under Construction. The Parishoners have worked hard thorough contributions of Money towards the renovation of the church. The Chapel below is now serving as the the church.



Narozari Parish is situated on a fertile Land which is very good for  the growing and cultivating of Cash and food crops. Currently, we are involved in a coffee Project grown on a considerable peice of land. We also ahave Cassata and Sweet Potatoe projects. In these projects, some parishoners are employed and payed a considerable amount of Money.




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