The proposed project is concerned with carrying out major renovations to the Catholic Church for Our Lady of Rosary-Narozari Catholic Parish Masaka Diocese which is in a dilapidated state.





It is for the renovation of this church building that financial assistance is kindly requested. This Church House  is very old because it was build in 1908 by Missionaries of Africa. The church building’s roof leaks in several places whenever it rains and this has caused considerable damage on the roofing timber.   A significant quantity of the old roof iron sheets needs to be removed and replaced with new Iron sheets. The walls and floor are also damaged in several places and need total renovation.

This church does not have a proper veranda, which is a major cause of dampness when it rains. A veranda needs to be constructed with a drainage channel around the church building.The doors and window shutters are quite old and need to be replaced with new ones. The pit latrine is also old and needs replacement. The Church building was constructed in 1900.  It has been in use for over 113 years.  It has got accommodation capacity of 2,000 Catholics during gathering mass session. 

Since its construction no major repairs have ever been carried out. Since such repairs have never been done, the same problems have tended to recur and the church building's state is so bad that it requires total renovation.With support from the Parishoners and the Diocese the church Renovation has started but has not been completed. Actually only a small part has been done and this is due lack of  enough  money.

The proposed renovation project for the Catholic Church building is indeed necessary and urgent.



The Church roof was completed a few months ago. We have now embarked on the rennovation work inside the church.

Church roofing completed


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