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The Divine Mercy group in Masaka is fully Active.


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Divine Mercy was officially launched in Masaka Diocese as Devotion on 21st Apirl, 2013 at Kitovu Cathedral by Rt. Rev Bishop Johnn Baptist Kaggwa. This devotion came into Masaka as a result of Rev Fr. John Kennedy Kinsambwe a Catholic Priest of Masaka Diocese introducing his idea to the Bishop of Masaka.

The confernce held at Bwala Social Centre marked the pre- Organization of the existence of the devotion. This one day retreated was organized by Rev. Fr. Kennedy Kinsambwe, facilitated by Ms. Terry Muzones from chicago USA with the help some members from the divine Mercy Centre of Kampala Archi diocese. The Bishop of Masaka Diocese honored the retreat by being the main participant with also other members from all over the parishes of this Diocese. It was from this retreat that  all other people  showed love to know more about the Mercy of God and also they realized that Divine Mercy is more than a devotion, its a way of life for every  christian. All the participants of this retreat seconded the devotion to be launced and finally the Bishop selected the 21st, april 2013 (the Divine Mercy Sunday) to be thge date of launching.

This was a memorable day! The celebrations began on the 20th April with a massive number of people receiving the sacrament of reconciliation and after followed by a vibrant Vigil Mass led by Fr. Luzindana from Kampala Archidiocese.

The Holy Mass on the launch day was led by Rt. Rev. John Baptist Kaggwa and it was then that the Bishop declared Rev. Fr. John Kennedy Kinsambwe the Coordinator of the devotion in the diocese together with other people to spread the Mercy of the Lord to all the people.


Fr. John kennedy Kinsambwe


Fr. Stephen Luyima


Fr. Eugene Kalyango


Mr. Jude Thaddeus Kimbugwe


1.Ms Olivia Nassejje

2.Hon. Getrude Nakabira Lubega


1. Sr. Theresa Nakamya

2. Ms. Getrude Nalubega

So far, over 18 parishes have been reached to, and two tertiary institutions; Kampala University-Masaka campus and Masaka school of comprehensive nursing.

More still, this year the Divine Mercy Sunday was celebrated as the diocese on 27th Apirl at Kabulassoke - Nkoni parish. The Vigil Mass was led by Fr. Kayabula a diocesan priest of Masaka. Over 2000 people attended the celebration that began with the Holy Mass led by the Bishop of Masaka Rt. Rev. Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa.


 Image: Some of the Devine Mercy Members in Narozari Parish



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