Catholic Worker's Movement

The CWM in  Narozari Parish is fully active


Narozari Catholic Workers Movement started in 1995,by the Germans in the Names of Werner and Agnes.

The group of 79 members elected their leaders:

Matovu Barnabas               Chairperson

Nababi Margret                 Assis. Chairperson

Nsereko Deo                     Treasurer

Katumba Charles               Project cordinator

Bawera Charles                 Secretary

Nakansere                         Member

Ssali George                     Delegate 


The Core Objectives of the Movement.


1. Deepening Personal faith.

2. Solidarity among members.

3. Economic empowerment

4. Being the Voice of the voiceless.


These members are involved in Agricultural projects mainly on a Subsistence level.They grow Coffee, bananas,Pineapples,sweet potatoes,maize, beans.

They have  group projects situated at Narozari Parish among them is:

*A piggery Project that act as a demonstration , a center for Learning for the members.It is a bleeding Stock for the members,whenever a Sow farrows they share the young ones in a revolving programme.many members have benefited a lot.

*Members also have a five Acre eucalyptus forest and two Acres of Pines,members are also encouraged to plant such trees on individual basis at their homes.

*The Youth group started a  3 Acres Coffee project two Years ago as an income generating  project.

*The base Group has also started a Chair and Tent Project in a way of getting some income for the families and for the day to day costs of the Movement.

Some members have started a Co-Save(Savings and Credit association) Guided by Dr. Birgit from Germany.

Out of the new arrangement of understanding the Core objectives,the group has registered  a number of achievements among which is the National Chairperson Ssali George,is from our base Group.The movement has helped members to improve their income, relation with other people,leadership skills,knowing more about their faith.

We thank so much our Partner Group from Germany KAB-Nordstetten that has assisted us so much to achieve our objectives under the cor-dination of Mr.Eckhard Deflize and Fr.Paul Kaberuka.Long live dear Members of KAB-Nordstetten.


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