Narozari Parish



Narozari Parish is a Parish in Masaka Diocese in the south of Uganda about 7 miles from Masaka District Headquarters. The Parish is beautifully and stregically positioned on a hill facing Lake Victoria and Ssese Islands. It is a beautiful place. This Parish is currently under Rev. Fr. John Kennedy Kinsambwe with  three other helping Priests;

The Main Church of Narozari Parish is still under construction.

The construction work started early 2012 by Fr. Ssuna and was taken on by the new Parish preist Rev. Fr. John Kennedy Kinsambwe. There is a lot of work to do and yet not enough resources to take care of it. The Parishmates have been very instrummental in the renovation of the Church but they need external support. We pray that God provides for us so as to be able to complete this great work.

The Religious at the Parish

 UPDATE (Church house rennovation..)

ChurchRoof  ChurchInside









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